Offering TTT


Course: Using TTT therapeutically



This training requires that you have done the basic training. It is for learning how to use these techniques of self-regulating and stabilizing emotional and traumatic stress reactions using TTT and related techniques therapeutically.

You will learn

  • How to offer a session
  • How to conduct a session ethically and safely
  • What to watch out for
  • Taking cultural differences in consideration
  • Working over language barriers
  • Making it playful and simple

After this training you will be able to

  • Use TTT to help a person regulate emotional and traumatic stress reactions in an ethical, simple and efficient way.

This is for laymen and professionals alike. There is a certification process included when this module is done at no extra cost. Once you are certified you are considered able to offer this service to a general public providing you have a liability insurance (if applicable in your context) and that what you offer is permitted under the laws and regulations of the area you are operating in.